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On this page you’ll find information that will help make your travels hassle-free. Click on the topics to the right for detailed information and let us answer all of your travel-related questions before you leave home.

Departure Points for our Day-Trips: There is no charge for parking at any of our departure points, however Creative Travel, Inc, any bus company used nor the listed departure locations accept any responsibility for theft, damage or loss to any parked vehicle or its contents.

Most of our trips that go Southbound depart from the side parking lot at the Acme in Fairfax Shopping Center on Route 202 and then our parking lot on Kirkwood Hwy.

Our Northbound trips mostly depart from our parking lot on Kirkwood Hwy

Though we depart from these locations, none of them are involved in or are responsible for any of our trips and should not be called for information about the trips. All questions should be directed to 302-658-2900.

Deposits: See our FAQ Section

Cancellations: See our FAQ Section.

Reservations: Depending on what type of reservation you are booking is how far in advance you should make your reservations.  Not all trips are guaranteed to have spaces.  The further out you book any type of trip the better it would be and any lower prices are usually further out.

Baggage:  Every type of trip is different.  Make sure you check with your agent on the type of trip you are booking and any baggage requirements or fees there may be.

Gratuity: Gratuities for hotel maid services, tour escort & driver are not included. Gratuities are voluntary and to be based upon you receiving excellent customer service. The industry standard recommended gratuity per driver / per escort is $4.00- $6.00 per traveler per tour day,; Maid service is $3-5 per night but again, they are at your discretion.  Cruise ships have a pre-paid gratuity program.

Insurance: We highly recommend you purchase Cancellation and Interruption Insurance at the time of booking to protect you against losses in the event of an emergency causing you to cancel your trip or circumstances resulting in your return home in the midst of your trip. Trip insurance must be requested at the time of initial deposit to be valid and must be mailed directly to the company within 48 hours of your booking.

Proof of Citizenship: Certain trips require Identification and Proof of Citizenship. With new laws that are now in affect, all passengers leaving the United States must obtain a valid passport. Creative Travel, Inc. offers the form required to obtain your passport.  We also offer Travel Visas to various countries.

IMPORTANT: We have a zero tolerance policy for drugs, weapons and unruly behavior. Please be aware that we will not refund and money if an individual(s) is denied entrance to any facility due to any reason.

Hotel Accommodations: All prices, unless otherwise noted, are based on two persons in a room paying full rates.

Departure Times: Creative Travel, Inc. tours have a policy of leaving on time. It is recommended that all passengers arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to each departure time. Creative Travel, Inc. will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred by a passenger for missing the bus before or during a scheduled trip. We leave on time!!

Cruises and Tours involving Airlines: Cancellation details will be provided for each individual trip at the time of ticket delivery and/or booking. In addition to any penalties imposed by the carriers or other vendors, Creative Travel, Inc will retain a service fee of $35 for all cancellations.

Creative Travel, Inc reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary and modify any part of it due to reasons beyond our control but will, as often as possible, maintain the same level of products/services on changes.


With new COVID restrictions and constant changes, we recommend you do a web search of Covid Travel Restrictions (and name of country and/or destination) to get the most up-to-date information.  Some countries will require registration and a QR code to get on-board airplanes. 

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